Want to Get Slimmer Easily? Try These Simple Activities

The basic issue of success in weight losing diet is less calories taken that calories used. Generally, everybody especially woman will be delighted if they have slim and healthy body. The good news is that burning calories can be done anywhere, not only in the gym. As long as there is body movements there will be calories burned. So why dont we do our daily activities to burn calories instead of doing hard exercise in the gym. Still it is dieting, right?

Here are some daily activities that can help us burning fat and get entertained at the same time:

Cooking (70 Calories)

The process in making one kind of food needs more or less around 70 to 80 calories.

Go Shopping (225-250 calories)

Shopping is an activity which is good for those who want to get slim body. While shopping we usually carry bags or push a trolley in the mall/shopping area and without realizing it we may have spent at least an hour or two. It is very effective and brings a lot of fun at the same time. Imagine, by doing shopping weve at least done these activities happily; walking, pushing, pulling, bending, stretching enthusiasticly.

Cleaning up your house (80 calories)

By cleaning our house everyday we will get at least two benefits. You will burn calories of your body and of course your will have clean and comfortable house. Pretty smart and efficient, right?

Cycling (200-225 calories)

This activity is good for you who want to shape your tummy since cycling are good not only to shape tummy area, but also to strengthen bones and our back. It can be done as much as three to four days a week.

Jogging (300-400 calories)

It is easily burn 300 calories. This activity can be done almost anywhere, from your own block to the nearest park around your place. It will strengthen your leg muscles, abdomen and your back.

Up or Down stairs (200 calories)

You can do this at home, at the mall or in the office. If you want extra up-and-down- stairs more often just try to stay upstairs if your refrigerator is downstairs & vice versa. It is hard for the beginning but it is very useful to boost your weight loss diet program. Remember extra 200-300 calories burned a day, pretty cool!

To get slim body, we dont have to do it strictly, but we can get the same result by doing our daily activities in fun ways. So do more house works, place your refrigerator not at the same floor/ as far as possible, choose the most far route when you go shopping, etc!

Get Slimmer Body Easier & Faster? Try This!