Three Points to Weight Loss

Dieting is one of the most used methods to lose weight in a weight loss industry that is worth some 47 Billion dollars. People are continuously on and off of diets and yet the world’s people seem to be getting larger. In fact the figures indicate that an alarming 76 % of all Americans are overweight with nearly 26% of them being in excess of 20% above their ideal body weights. Americans may lead but the world is following very quickly in regard to obesity.

In 2001 I went to Northern China on a visit. I could not help but to notice that everyone was so young looking and slim. There was hardly an obese person to be found and the youth were all slim and had excellent complexions. On my last trip to Northern China in 2007, the contrast was immense. There were many overweight people and the youth were no longer slim and healthy but were becoming plump with pimples. My own country South africa, has also become the home to many obese and overweight people. It is a trend that is flowing world wide.

Dieting is the most popular method in an attempt to counteract weight gain, followed by calorie counting, diet drugs and metabolizer pills, excercise and eventually surgery.

A stunning 95% of the weight loss achieved by these methods will return and in most cases, the people who lost weight will actually gain more weight back than they initially lost.

Clinical studies have shown that diets are not effective to achieve permanent weight loss. They may assist you in dropping a few kilos or pounds for a short while but it is not permanent. If you mow grass with a lawnmower, you will cut down the weeds that have grown amongst the grass and all will look great for a short time, but very soon the weeds will grow up above the grass again, and everytime you cut the weeds it seems as if they grow back stronger. Unless you take the weeds out by the root, the weeds will always be a problem. Weight loss is the same. We cut the weeds but we do not remove the roots.

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Research has shown that only 20 to 25 % of effective weight loss is achieved through eating the correct foods. A further 10 to 15 % is achieved through sufficient exercise. An astonishing 60 to 70 % of permanent weight loss comes from removing the root cause of the weight problem.

Dr Frank Smoot has developed an incredible program called “God’s way to weight Loss”. This program adresses weight loss in the three spheres that make up life – Mind Body and Spirit. Diets and other weight loss methods only address the body issue. They completely leave out the most important aspects and that is the mind and the spirit. Unless these two aspects are also addresssed, you will only be cutting the weeds and not removing them.

Although Dr Franks system is based on Christian and biblical principles, you do not need to be a christian to follow them. God’s laws work for everyone. Principles such as ”

Give and you will receive” and what you sow you will reap” are well practised in all walks of life and work for everyone, and yet they are biblical principles. These principles contained in God’s Way will work in your life. If you are unsure, then sign up for His newsletter and follow some of the testimonials. You will also receive the first two chapters of the book for free, and will then be able to make a   qualified decision as to whether the program is for you or not.

Oh by the way, did I mention that Dr Frank Smoot is so confident in his system that he offers a lifetime gurantee that you will achieve permanent weight loss.

In conclusion, if you are needing to lose a little weight fast and you have no problem with self sacrifice and denial, then by all means enter into a diet and feed the 49 billion dollar industry. But if you want to lose weight permanently and are prepared to work though a seven week course, and find like others that no matter what you do, that the weight seems to be just falling off, then give Dr Frank Smoot’s system a go. You have absolutely nothing to lose except a lot of weight permanently.