The Best Protein Foods for Building Muscles/Body Building

Human food is a combination of different elements like vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Out of which, proteins are widely recommended by the body builders and nutritionists for muscle development and body building. Intake of protein rich food on the daily basis forms the base for muscle development and facilitates the growth of overall body.

However, a person’s protein needs differ from others and totally depend upon the regular calorie intake and activities. So, it is advisable to consult a doctor for evaluating protein needs of the body for maintaining healthy and strong muscles. Selection of the accurate protein food  is very important as protein is responsible for building right amount of body mass.

Enlisted below are some best protein rich foods that must be included in your diet for attaining strong muscles and body. They are:


Eggs are a rich source of protein and for long have been the favorite protein food for body builders. It contains 6g protein per ounce, with most of the protein present in egg white. However, while eating eggs in the regular diet, other saturated fat contained foods like red meat, cheese etc should be avoided.


Fish is another protein rich food that contains no carbohydrates and very less saturated fat. It provides 6g protein per ounce and is also high in Omega3 fatty acid. Top varieties of fish to be included in the diet are trout sardines and salmon.  However, fish is high in mercury and should not be eaten more than three to four times per week.

Turkey and Chicken

Turkey and Chicken breast contains high amount of protein and less saturated fat that makes them a better and healthier choice for building muscles. Moreover, poultry food is also a rich source of Vitamin B, trytophan and phosphorous. Intakes of such food in the daily diet will surely going to pump up the muscles within a few days.


Nuts are proven out to be the best snack, because of their quality protein and good fat content. Peanuts, Butter Peanuts and almonds contain higher amount of protein. Regular intake of 1/4th cup almonds and peanuts can boost up the protein level by 8g and 9g respectively.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is another protein rich food which is essential for proper muscle development. 1/4th cup of cottage cheese contains 7g protein, which varies depending upon the brand. However, it is advisable to eat cottage cheese made from skimmed or low fat milk.

Low Fat and Chocolate Milk 

Milk is the best combination of casein and whey protein. Consumption of low fat chocolate milk after heavy workout is recommended because it contains all the necessary components required by the body. The high water content in chocolate prevents the body from dehydration and provides optimum strength to the body.

All the above mentioned protein foods have their individual benefits and no specific food can be termed as best. Intake of all these proteins sources is requisite for creating optimum environment in the body for building healthy muscles and body. Further, feeding the muscles at the right time and keeping the protein levels high throughout the day is equally important to get the desired results.