The Benefits of a Personal Trainer Jacked Health and Fitness

Time and time again I hear “I don’t need a personal trainer, I go to the gym daily as it is, why waste that extra money.” And you are right what benefit would you get from having someone there to hold you accountable, to motivate you, to push you harder than you’ve ever gone before, to give you a fresh perspective on health and fitness, to train you specifically for your sport, to maximize your gym time, to develop proper form, to personalize a workout program for you and your individual needs, and to provide results? Are you sure personal trainers aren’t valuable now?

Accountability – Once you sign a contract with a personal trainer, rain or shine, day or night they will be there to hold you accountable and to make sure that you show up for your paid training session.

Motivation – Sometimes it’s tough to get those last extra reps out and instead of pushing yourself you just drop the weights and move on with a personal trainer you are forced to get those reps out and you don’t need to worry about dropping the weight they are there to spot you and help you push new personal records.

Routine – Many people go to the gym when they have free time, but when you have a personal trainer you go at the same scheduled time week after week after week and develop a strong routine that is hard to break even once you are done with your personal trainer.

Fresh Perspective – Everyone sees the world differently and you may have been looking at health and fitness in one light a personal trainer has much more experience in this field and can offer a wider array of perspectives to eating healthy and workout routines and if your only source of health and fitness information are the supermarket magazines with the headline “Lose 15 pounds in 7 days” then a personal trainer will give you a much better perspective on health and fitness.

Non Judgmental Support – Many personal trainers have been through the same health and fitness battle you are facing now and they know exactly what you are going through. Personal trainers want to see you succeed and do your best. They are there to provide you with positive feedback and coach you to your goals and they will never judge you in any way shape or form.

Proper Technique – Personal trainers have been taught to view good technique from bad technique, if you are working out on your own or with others that are inexperienced then it may be difficult to see if you are doing things correctly or not

Injury prevention, injury rehab – Along with proper technique goes injury prevention. If you are doing an exercise improperly it may not hurt you today but down the road it can lead to a fairly nasty injury. Personal trainers know what to look for and can help you prevent injuries as well as heal injuries that you may currently have that you are dealing with.

Personalized Programs / Sport specific training – Personal trainers have a wide knowledge base of all exercises, workout programs, diets and sports. They can see where you need to improve to better yourself for your activity or sport of choice.

Maximize workout times – Personal trainers know routines to speed up workouts, why sit at the gym for 2 hours when you can do the same workout more effectively in half of the time.

Results – Personal trainers deliver results, hands down whatever results you can produce yourself will be even greater with the help of a personal trainer.