Dimethylamylamine – Ingredient Spotlight – PhenQ Daily

As an effort to provide consumers with as much information as possible, I am doing in depth research into each of the ingredients found in PhenQ and this week we are featuring dimethylamylamine.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding dimethylamylamine (try and pronounce that!) so I did some research and have an article so you can make an informed decision!

It is a chemical made synthetically in a laboratory out of the geranium flower. Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding this claim as a lot of supplements on the market don’t actually use geranium to create this chemical. If you have doubts whether PhenQ does this, contact their customer service, although they claim to use this process and manufacture it in an FDA approved facility.

It is sold as a dietary supplement for ADHD, weight loss, athletes, and body builders. It has also been banned by the Olympics as it may give the athletes that take it an unfair advantage. So if you are a competitive athlete I would not recommend you take PhenQ if you are competing at a Collegiate level or higher.

In the United States, it is considered a natural health product, and in Canada, it is considered a drug and must be sold as so.

There is not enough evidence done to link dimethylamylamine to serious side effects, but with anything, I wouldn’t recommend you exceed the recommended dosage, or take it in its pure form.

What is Dimethylamylamine Used For?

Losing Fat

Boosting Athletic Performance

Building Muscle

Other conditions

Things to Take Note Of:

Do not take dimethylamylamine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as the effects on children are not known.

Article source : phenq where to buy. If you have high blood pressure it is probably best you do not take this supplement past its recommended does

If you have glaucoma it may exaggerate the development of the disease.

It may have stimulating effects, so if you are going in for surgery, stop taking dimethylamylamine for at least 2 weeks before.

What is the Safe Dose?

This depends on several things including the person’s health, age, and related medical conditions. There is not enough scientific information yet to determine what a safe daily dosage is.

So hopefully I have helped shed some light on dimethylamylamine in PhenQ. Remember that you know your own body best and you have to do your research before taking any fat burning supplement. I would also recommend that you don’t take PhenQ for more than 6 months consecutively if you are not seeing results.

If you want to get in touch with the manufacturer’s (it is manufactured in an FDA approved facility) then visit the company website below and get in touch with customer service regarding any questions you may have about the product!